Monday, February 10, 2020

CALM Fundamentals Course Launches Next Week

Steve Guidry says he's rolling out yet another program, this time an on-premise two and a half hour course, focusing on teaching the managers what he calls the "CALM Fundamentals."  

Steve goes on to say, "CALM Fundamentals will be really helpful for operators that want more, it's purpose is to allow the venue to get into the e-program with their choice of two or three managers, the usual, but it allows managers to sit down with me and get an in-person overview of the e-course and the review program.  The goal is to help the GM's jump start the training process, and help everyone 'buy in' to what is going on here.  I showed it to few people and they thought it was a smash, so here we go.  When you buy the program, we just bundle it into the initial cost depending on how many managers you want to sit in with us, which makes it very inexpensive if you do this right out of the box."

Guidry says he's testing it with friends and current clients in February, full steam with new clients in March.  For more information, as always, please contact Steve:

Tom Brightfield
Chief Correspondent
CALM Bar Safety

Tuesday, January 7, 2020

Medical Emergency Training Rolls Out in March

"We're moving ahead on our medical emergency class, most likely pushing it out with everything else in mid to late February," says Steve Guidry today, President of CALM Bar Safety. 

"We've beta tested it the past 90 days, the feedback is awesome...people absolutely love this class....I'd say more than just about anything we're doing.  I think because it's something tangible, something they can take with them in everyday life.  I really, really love this class.  Even I loved learning some new things as we put it together."  

Leading the classroom is former St. Louis City Police Officer and current R.N., Charlie Johnson.  Charlie is and will be the Chief Instructor for this program moving forward.   

Guidry goes on to say, "Charlie and I spent a combined forty years in law enforcement and nightlife, together that is, and ten of those years we spent working together.  Charlie is the literally the perfect human being to teach this.  He's seen it all, been through it all as a policeman, and knows what these industry people are up do I.   Charlie has the certifications, the training, the experience, and the compassion to make this fantastic.  I mean, the stories we have together, those alone over the years, are insane...we actually saved some people's lives during medical emergencies.  So, what we did was package that up into lessons and themes, and then we teach it.  The course itself is about three hours, that includes CPR training for the venue's team.  As for the insurance, well the insurance feedback has been fantastic as well.  I'm not sure where we're going to land with it, but it will be insurance savings, absolutely.  It's an exciting time for CALM."

For more information about getting your venue trained, please contact 

Tom Brightfield
Chief Blogger
CALM Bar Safety


Monday, December 2, 2019

Active Shooter Training "T.A.P." Kicks Off in St. Louis

T.A.P., CALM Bar Safety's Active Shooter option based training system, kicked off tonight with one of the more popular venues in downtown St. Louis, The Wheelhouse.  "I thought it went fantastic, we got very positive feedback," said Founder and President, Steve Guidry.

A sizable crowd was in attendance as Active Shooter Expert (and CALM Bar Safety Chief Instructor) Rick Ramirez and President Steve Guidry showed videos, discussed options, and talked about the lessons from previous active shooter incidents around the country.  Guidry said, "People have been asking me about when this course was coming for quite some time.  I was finally happy with the product Rick and I put together over quite some time...T.A.P. is very good.  I particularly like how we essentially punched people in the face to wake them up about this topic, that's what needs to get these team members thinking about this incredibly scary topic."  

Guidry says they will be hitting the ground running in February, giving the industry a month after New Year's Eve to digest and plan the year.  "We'll be attacking the St. Louis and surrounding markets with this program, but of course willing to travel of course when someone wants to bring us in.  I've already had groups in Indiana, Kansas City, and few others locations, inquiring about how much it will be for us to come in to provide the e-program for the managers, Active Shooter and Medical Training for the entire staff.  As for the timing, no one really wants to do anything in January except hit the reset button, pay taxes, and plan the year, and figure out their budgets. I spent nearly twenty years involved with bars and nightclubs, trust me I know."  

For more information about T.A.P. and or getting your bar, restaurant, or nightclub training, please contact

Tom Brightfield
Chief Blogger
CALM Bar Safety

Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Roy Reichold Becomes First Agent in the Country to Have Private E-Course Through C.A.L.M.

Today, Roy Reichold announced to his clients that he now is the first agent in the country to have his own private e-course through C.A.L.M. Bar Safety.  

C.A.L.M. Founder, Steve Guidry, says, "I think this may truly revolutionize how agents relate to and protect their clients in this business.  Although the agent has no financial involvement with the e-course, customizing an e-course for the agents allows the agent to increase communication, monitor training systems, help better protect, improve sales, safety and security, and bring down insurance premiums even further---which let's be honest, that's the number one thing on these client's minds.  But most importantly, I see it as a incredible client retention tool for the agents."  

Customizing C.A.L.M. e-program allows the insurance agent to put in commentary and or material they would like throughout the program (upon C.A.L.M.'s approval), to better communicate with and protect the agent's clients.  

"From better communication to increased client retention...I think this is huge for the agents."    

Guidry says that Reichold is the first but he definitely won't be the last.  "My focus is with Roy right now, but I have a feeling that this will spark interest with countless others around the country...particularly some additional key agents working with Illinois Casualty Company right now, but we shall see."   

Tom Brightfield
Lead Reporter 
C.A.L.M. Bar Safety 

Tuesday, April 2, 2019

Guidry Says "It's Go Time" - Big Additions Coming in 2019-2020

In an interview earlier this week, president of CALM Bar Safety, Steve Guidry had this to say...

"Big things are coming for C.A.L.M. Bar Safety...I'm beyond excited for 2019.  I've spent the past ten years, more specifically, the past six full business development mode.  It all started when I rolled out the first course with Roy Reichold in of the very first beta clients told me the course was fantastic...and quote unquote, 'Do you have any other courses?'  Well, that's when I knew I had to execute my big vision of this thing and put selling on the back burner -- I knew this was really good, I just didn't think people would respond the way they would and want more right away.  So I went back to my original idea, recruited some incredible experts with law enforcement backgrounds and more, people might I add that I have known and worked with for over a combined thirty years...and I decided to execute two new additions to this program.  The first addition will be a hospitality medical emergency course. I know right?  It's a great idea.  The second course will be a hospitality gun violence and active shooter program.  Both will be very informative and have a specific hospitality feel, using the experience of our combined fifty years of working in bars, restaurants, and nightclubs, to make them great.  Everyone seems to have CPR and active shooter programs...these will be much better.  Expect late summer first to see me make a splash with Illinois Casualty Company and Roy Reichold in the Midwest...and I think we'll be in fifty states in five years.  It's been a long time coming...a lot of work...but now it's go time - I'm ready!"  

It sounds like Guidry may have something here.  We shall see!  

Tom Brightfield
Lead Correspondent
CALM News 

Friday, October 26, 2018

St. Louis Insurance Agent Will Be First in U.S. to Customize C.A.L.M. for His Clients

St. Louis, MO - After many months of conceptual ideas and development, Roy Reichold (Lakenan Insurance Agency) and I have decided to create a customized C.A.L.M. Bar Safety e-program, specifically for Roy's clients. Not only does this approach provide the C.A.L.M. training for the agent's clients, this provides a customized experience for them. 

 We are beta tested it in late-February with clients in St. Louis and have received very positive feedback. More to come this spring and summer! -Steve Guidry

Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Medical Emergency Course Being Developed

St. Louis, MO — One of my many goals on this journey was to create a hospitality specific medical emergency what better time than now? This will not be a cookie cutter first aid course, as we will dive into what many of us see on a daily and nightly basis. This course should be ready this summer...more information coming soon...stay tuned!